Aiming for a more efficient Supply Chain?

End-to-end visibility yields an exponential value creation effect throughout your digital supply network

End-to-end visibility and management empower supply chain leaders.

A ripple effect unfolds when industry leaders and their teams work from a real-time, single source of truth, providing vital network solutions that promote business proficiency.

  • Only 6% of companies claim full visibility in their supply chain network, while 62% of companies report limited visibility 4

Are you fostering a strong connection with your network's suppliers?

High-functioning purchasing processes increase proficiency and drive down costs, streamlining your business to avoid overinvesting and overstocking.

Businesses with optimal supply chains have:

  • 15% lower supply chain costs
  • Less than 50% inventory holdings
  • Cash-to-cash cycles that are at least three times faster than those not focused on supply chain optimization 1

How could real-time data on your incoming and outgoing shipments streamline your operations?

Better coordination encourages innovation in the network, providing you the ability to swiftly respond to disruptions – which leads to supply chain value creation.

  • Disruptions in businesses’ supply chain networks can cause significant losses in finances (62%), logistics (54%) and reputation (54%) 3

Could you nurture customer relationships by better understanding their needs?

Supply chain automation generates enhanced awareness of market demand, which informs your procurement and leads to greater customer satisfaction and lower costs.

  • 70% of industry professionals predict that supply chain will be a key component of better customer service before the end of 2020 2>